Bihar Board 12th Important English Lekh 2024: महत्वपूर्ण English Lekh कक्षा 12th Important English Lekh 2024, BSEBEXAM

Bihar Board 12th Important English Lekh 2024

Bihar Board 12th Important English Lekh 2024: महत्वपूर्ण English Lekh कक्षा 12th Important English Lekh 2024, BSEBEXAM

Bihar Board 12th Important English Lekh 2024:

1. (A) Television

Television is one of the wonders of science. It is a source of joy and knowledge, Information and entertainment. Television is the product of the latest electronic revolution. The names of John. Baird of England and Jenking of America are associated with Television. They first of all succeeded in transmitting moving pictures in 1923. It was in 1936, that a public Television System was introduced in London. It started with black and white.

Now-a-days coloured Television is popular. It is a powerful audio-visual medium. It is seen in all towns and big cities. It has a status-symbol also. It is useful for the people. Its programmes cover a variety of interest. It has great education value too. We learn a lot about development of science, agriculture and medicine.

(B) Importance of Trees

Trees are our best friends. They provide us so many things and expect nothing in return except love and care. Trees give us different fruits in different seasons like Mango, apple, banana, grapes, and orange etc. Thery provide us in the hot weather. They give us timber (wood) for building our houses and buildings. We get many medicines from plants like Cinchona, aconite, coriander, digitalis, horehound, tulsi, neem, and garlic. Wood is used by man for a number of purpose like construction of buildings, agricultural implements etc. Trees are the only source of wood. Timber providing trees are Pine, Fir, Spruce, and Cedar. Trees also help in making the air clean. They take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen thus making the air clean. This oxygen is needed by all living organisms. Trees also provide shelter to many animals. The roots of trees bind the soil and help it from washed away by water or wind. They help in maintaining right temperature on Earth. To conserve the trees it is important to control DEFORESTATION. The Government is taking many steps for conserving trees. We shold follow those steps in order to save the trees. These trees are the one who support life on Earth. So SAVE TREES.

(C) Covid 19 and Education The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, leading to the near-total closure of all schools and universities. These nationwide closures are affecting over 91% of the universes’ pupil populace. A number of different international locations have applied localized closures affecting an enormous variety of further learners. UNESCO is supporting international locationa of their efforts to mitigate the quik impact of faculty closures, particularly for extra weak and deprived communities, and to facilitate the coherence of training for all via distant studying. The UNESCO report estimates that the Covid pandemic will adversely have ann effect on over 290 million college students throught 22 international locations. The UNESCO estimates that round 32 crores college students are affected in India, incorporating these in faculties and faculties.

(D) The book you like most

Books are the treasure of knowledge. They are of much use to us, I have read many books but I like the Bhagwad Gita most. It is a part of the Mahabharat. Lord Krishna through this Bhagwad Gita preached Arjuna. Arjuna did not like to fight in the battle-field. He was disillusioned. Lord Krishna gave him the message of Nishkam karma. He told him that a man must go on doing his duty without any motive to fulfil his desires. He told Arjuna that the soul is immortal whereas this body is perishable. Thus he should not get worried about the death of Drona and Bhishma. Thus the immortality of soul has been very well presented in the Gita. It has rich philosophy. It gives us peace of mind.

(E) Honesty is the best policy

The quality of honesty is adminrable in an individual, just like dishonesty is considered a sin in all religions. The quality of honesty in a person will shine like Sun provides us with the eternal light. The Importance of honesty is taught to kids from an early age, first by their parents and then in school. A person should earn the compliment of honesty by being dedicated and sincere towards every aspect of life.

The lack of honesty and honest people in society is evident in bring it to its doom. The qualities like speaking the truth, following rules, punctuallty, being authentic, etc. are slowly developed in a person by constant learning of ethics. Our education system also ensures that children understand the importance of honesty by introducing them to fables like ‘the body who cried wolf/tiger’ and ‘woodcutter and his ax’. All these stories had one common link, which is how honesty always wins over dishonesty.

2. (A) Dr. Zakir Husain expresses his national feelings.

He loves his nation. He says that he is devoted to the loyalty of our past culture. He also promises to work for the development of our ancient culture. He pledges himself to work for the strength of the nation and its progress and for the welfare of its people without distinctions of caste, colour and creed. He says that “The whole of Bharat is my home and people are my family”. He is proud of being a citizen of Bharat. He says that it is the greatness of the people that they have chosen him to make him the head of this family. He pledges to make his home ‘Bharat’ strong and beautiful. He would make the life of the people prosperous and gracful. Here, a strong feeling of nationality of the author is clearly expressed. Zakir Husain was a great nationalist.

(B) Newspapers are usually printed on cheap, off-white paper known as newsprint. Since the 1980s, the newspaper industry has largely moved away from lower-quality, desktop computers, word processing software, graphics software, digital cameras and digital prepress and typesetting technologies have revolutionized the newspaper production process. These technologies have enable newspapers to publish color photographs and graphics, as well as innovative layouts and better design.

(D) This extract has been taken from “India Through a Traveller’s Eyes” written by the Noble Prize winner American born Miss Buck. Here she wants to say that her life is based on India’s background about which she has come to know from her family members and neighbours in her childhood but has not visited India and seen it as a whole up to the time she says So.

3. (A) The poet, wants to say that in this season all the p branches of trees become leafless.

The wonderful bird Nightingle becomes dumb to see this season. He wants to do something from his hands but it becomes freeze, lonely on the separate kness.

(C) ‘Fire-Hymn’ is a very heart-touching poem composed by the famous Indo-Anglian poet, Keki N. Daruwalla. Here the poet has described how that dead body of his son was consigned to the flame of fire after his death at a cremation ghat though his Parsi religion forbade it.

At the out set, the poet presents a horrible and shockin sight of a burning ghat at night. The dead body is put on i funeral pyre. Then the fire is lit. Sometimes, the fire fails t perform its duty wholly and the limbs are life half burnt. Th poet was compelled to cremate the dead body of his son because the nearest. Tower of Silence was a thousand miles away. He feels guilty of neglecting his religious ritual but he vows to fre the fire from the sin of ‘forgetting’ because the fire is worshipped by the Parsis.

(D) The poet admires England and expresses his gratitude to it. The poet is describing about some foreign land, which the part of England aned on which he will be buried after his death. He wants a peaceful country and there would be no w between the two contries. According to him the surroundings of England is just like heaven as he says, “under and Englis heaven.

4.(A) The soil, the air and the birth place formed the speakr’s blood.

(C) The narrator’s mother announces the expected arrival of Nanukaka, her brother who has to stay there for 2-3 days. The narrator on hearing this news from his mother advised her to send a telegram to him informing him of narrator’s transfer to avoid Nanukaka but she retorts that he must have started his travel.

(D) Their pledge is to march ahead and never to turn back.

They are not satisfied until they get their rights and till they will march for the freedom and justice and go ahead. (G) Lomoy thinks so because of the popular belief that 35 is a critical age for marriage. He thinks so also because besides being 35 he was also suffering from several diseases.

(1) The novel is a genre of fiction writing distinguished 5 from the short story, the novella, and drama. The novel has much in common with these other forms of fiction writing, bu is distinguished by certain formal traits and especially, length.

5. (A) (i) An Epitaph

An Epitaph is a nice poem written by Walter de la Mare. It is tomb of a dead body, where lies # beautiful lady. He wants to tell about a beautiful lady which is in the Epitaph. She was the most beautiful lady that was eve born in the West Country but when she was dead her beaut vanishes. Her beauty passes. When she died, everything is cleared about herself. The poet loved her so much that when =she was dead he was weeping bitterly. When the poet listened about his beloved he remembered her. He used to sit beside he epitaph where she was laid down. So the poet wants to say that = if a person loved someone so much he will never leave him alone, because he is just facing the problems.

(ii) Ode to Autumn: John Keats was a great lover of Nature. In the poem ‘Ode To Autumn’ he describes the beauty and characteristic spirit of Autumn in a series of memorable pictures. There he reveals the principle of beauty in nature during autumn. New leaves and fruits grow on trees. There is neither the heat of the summer nor the bitter cold of the winter Nature looks beautiful everywhere. The wind blows friendly! Birds sign in a fine tune. People and all other, creatures are happy. They can do their work easily in this season. Mostly they have good health. It makes people fit and happy. The sun conspires with the autumn slightly. Its rays make the fruit fleshy fat and tasty. Everywhere the nature remains calm and cool.

(iii) The Soldier: “The Soldier” is composed by the poet Rupert Brooke who was the most handsome young man in England. The poet is saying that when he would die he would he given a corner of a field on the earth hidden from dust. When the war had started the dust starts to hid everything and was washed away by the rivers. When war started he wanted a flower which would give love without knowing the definite way where he is to go. He always contacts with English air of England. He was walking, thinking about dispute in war. He thought himself that not a single evil word came in his mind. A small vibration touched his mind would last for ever…. He wanted a peaceful country. If is his dream and always had seen this type of sight that there would be no war between two countries. Everyone should live a peaceful life. It seemed like a heaven in England to think over it.

(B) (i) Bharat is My Home: ‘Bharat is my Home’ is an extract from the speech of Dr. Zakir Hussain, on being elected as President of India. He says that Bharat is my Home and its people are my family. The people have chosen to make me the Head of the family for a certain time. He will do pretty efforts to make this home strong and beautiful.

Dr. Zakir Husairt says about material and cultural life, individual and social life. He means to say that he has to work incessantly so that the dream of steady reconstruction of the whole material and cultural life of our people may be restored. He wants to work not only for the betterment of individual being but also for social life. Since Individual and social life are closely linked with each other. The individual can not grow in full perfection, without a corresponding advance of the collective social existence.Power should be used for moral purposes’, he means to say that state should not be treated just as an organisation et power but a moral organisation. So power should be used t enhance morality among the people.

The past is not dead and static. He means to say that it is alive and dynamic and is involved in determining the quality of present and the prospects of our future. Thus the process c its constant renewal never stops.

Dr. Zakir Husain calls India ‘the young state of an ancient people’ because who through the long millennia and through co-operation of diverse ethnic elements have striven to realizma timeless, absolute values in their own peculiar way.

(ii) I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr., in his speech “I have a dream” delivered in “Lincon Memorial” washington on August 28, 1963, speaks about his dream of seeing his country, America free from racial distinction between the white and the black and fully developed in all sense. He calls upon the Negro people to take a pledge to fight for their just rights in America. He reminds them that slavery in America has been abolished but the poverty, exploitation and racial discrimination against Negroes have not come to an end. Social and economic justice is still a far cry for them. Therefore, Martin Luther King asks them to continue their struggle but he advises them to keep their fight non-violent, dignified and disciplined. Their creative protest should not be let to degenerate into physical violence and hatred. He reminds the white Americans that all men are created equal. They should shed their dislike for the blacks because they are also the citizens of the same America. He hopes that a day will come when both the black and the white of America will sit together at a table of brotherhood and Alabama, too, will become a developed state like the other white dominated states of America.

(iii) A Pinch of Snuff: Manohar Malgaonkar’s short story ‘A Pinch of Snuff is full of wit and adventure. The reader’s excitement is built up through the profound comedy. Nanukaka used to have snuff. He attracts the reader’s attention towards itself and makes the story look creative. Nanukaka stands out as a clever and witty person. He knows the tricks to be successful. He knows the handling of a situation. He does not hesitate to speak lies in the matter of his work. The whole story revolves round Nanukaka.

Nanukaka tells lots of lies to have a meeting the welfare minister. If it were not so, he couldn’t have succeeded in his plans. His manoevering and piloting helped him in his mission.. He met that minister in two days, which could take pretty long time.

Nanukaka stands out as a clever and witty person. He has no scruple while telling lies. I like him because such men only succeed in this world. He has got all the qualities which a crafty and cunning fellow must have. He knows handling of a situation. He is tactful and fit for this clikish world.

It is correct that a person like Nanukaka will be successful in the present society. People who speak lies manage to do their work easily. In the present society deceitful and deceptive people are given more preference than the truthful and good

people. (C) OR

Drama is a genre of writing, like Romance or Suspense. In drama, the events in the plot are built around unexpected events or circumstances. Drama can also a play for theatre, radio, or television. On the other hand, a novel is a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action.

A shakespearean tragedy traditionally follows the Freytag Pyramid of Dramatic Structure which consists of five parts. Freytag’s analysis is derived from Aristotle’s Poetics that had a three-part view of a plot structure. The five parts are: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Denouement.

In the boxes, outline the particular moments or scenes in macbeth that correspond with the five parts of the plot structure. (D) (a)-(v), (b)-(iii), (c)-(iv), (d)-(i), (e)-(ii)(E) (i) It has been raining for two days (ii) Spring is called the king of seasons (i) A true friend is rare in this world.

(iv) He has not reached home yet.

(v) He was a great patriot (vi) We would be playing in the evening (vii) I have to go to Rajgir tomorrow (viii) What is the time on your clock?

Bihar Board 12th Important English Lekh 2024

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